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About Hybridvision

Hybridvision is an aerial film production company. We provide film and photos from the air and on ground. Hybridvision is based in Stockholm, and provide arial film in Stockholm. We are also available for assignments in other playses around Sweden, but not with our standard services. We offer our services in diffrent divisions. 

Hybrid Vision

Hybridvision add value by using new technology, standardization, centralization, film and drone technology. With this business model, we can keep the price down to the customer and end-customer while maintaining service and quality. Hybridvision provides a number of pre-packaged services and options. This means that our customers gets a fixed price and know the conditions that apply for the service. With the simplicity in focus and standardized ordering process for the customer’s employees, partners and customers’ customers, we will meet the demands of the market. 

Hybridvision is using multi-rotors as our areal cinema platform. With these radio controlled platforms we are able to offer you as a customer new possibilities and capabilities in a film production. It makes it easy to do close filming in air where for example helicopters not would be an option for the assignment..


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  • Insurance for aerial filming